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Waxing Info & Aftercare

Let's Get You Feeling Silky Smooth & Hair Free


To get the best results from your wax, please follow the guidelines below;


Dull the Nerves - We will carry out your treatment as gently and as comfortably as possible, but remember it is not going to be completely pain-free, no matter what anyone tells you! If you are nervous you can take an ibuprofen if suitable approx 30 minutes prior to your waxing. 


Get Scrubbing – Use an exfoliating scrub! Whilst the skin on the face is generally exfoliated enough in terms of waxing, the body generally needs a little extra help. Exfoliating will help desquamation, removing dead skin cells around skin pores and hair follicles, providing an easier exit for the hair. This should be done every few days leading up to your wax but not on the day of your waxing treatment. Due to our make up some of us are unfortunately just prone to ingrown hairs.


Tighten Those Pores – Do not apply astringent or toner directly prior to waxing as these will tighten the pores and can make a firmer hold on the hair follicle making waxing more difficult.


Ice Ice Baby – Do not use ice for numbing the pain. You may think that ice would be great to numb the skin and reduce waxing pain, but it really isn’t.  Applying anything cold to the skin tightens the pores, it’s the same principle as above, pores need to be nice and relaxed. 


Hot to Trot – As much as it’s not appropriate to apply ice to the skin prior to waxing, heat is a no too. No heat treatments should be had directly prior to waxing i.e. no saunas, sunbeds or hot baths etc for at least 24 hours.


Drinking Wine Won’t Stop You Whining! – Don’t drink a lot of caffeine or alcohol before your waxing treatment. Whilst having a glass of wine or beer before getting waxed sounds like a good idea, stimulants in the system can cause skin to be extra sensitive to waxing. Give yourself a couple of hours after drinking coffee or alcohol before getting waxed, instead drink lots of water to hydrate your body and skin.  


Quench That Skin – Moisturise the skin leading up to your waxing treatment as very dry skin can cause the wax not to adhere properly. However please do not apply lotions and potions on the skin on the same day as your waxing.  


Fake It – Whether it be sunbeds or tanning solutions both are no no’s immediately prior to waxing. You should not use sunbeds for at least 24 hours prior to waxing and if you are wearing fake tan please be aware, you won’t be wearing it after your waxing treatment as waxing will strip it! 

Hair Be GoneDo not use hair removal creams or shave for 3 weeks before your appointment.

Chemical No No's - Do not use any chemical exfoliants (AHA or BHA products) 48 hours prior to waxing​.


Comfort Is Key - Do wear clean, loose fitting clothes to your appointment.


Freshly waxed skin needs a little extra TLC, to get the best results from your wax, please follow the guidelines below;

* Avoid heat during the following 24 hours hot baths or showers, no saunas, hot tubs, steam treatments and no heat treatments such as sunbeds or sunbathing.

* Avoid friction such as sport, swimming the gym and sexual activity immediately after intimate waxing

* Avoid scratching or touching the area with unwashed hands 

* Do not apply deodorants, sprays, powders, lotions or any other products to the area for 24 hours other than those products recommended by your therapist 

* To soothe and protect the skin, you may apply an antiseptic cream or sudocreme to the waxed area regularly following your treatment. Always wash your hands before applying a new product. 

* To help the prevention of ingrowing hairs, start a few days after your appointment and gently exfoliate the skin a couple of times a week and moisturise every day, which will keep the skin supple and help new hairs to grow through normally. 




How Long Does The Hair Need to Be?

You should have at least 4 weeks growth from your last wax or your last shave to get the best results.  If you think it's too long, don't worry we can always give it a trim.

How Often Should I Be Waxed?

If you want to maintain that clean and smooth feeling, we recommend you get waxed every 4 to 6 weeks, although we are all different and our hair grows at different rates. Everyone's results will vary.  Generally, you will see minimal regrowth within the first 3 weeks and then you will notice an increase in growth after that. If you normally shave, it can take approximately 3/4 waxes to stop the early, stubbly regrowth and after this time, you will be smooth for much longer. Regular waxing encourages regrowth to be slower and sparser.

I'm Having My Period Is This an Issue?

No not at all! If it's not an issue for you then it's not an issue for us! Although you might be more sensitive to pain. As long as everything is clean and fresh there’s absolutely no reason you can't be waxed.

Will I Have Any Reactions?

Unless you are allergic to any products, which we will assess during consultation there should be no reason for you to react to waxing. Some slight soreness, small bumps and erythema (redness) are common and perfectly normal temporary reactions, particularly if this is your first wax. These should settle over the next 24-48 hours. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us on 07773044414

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