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Bye Bye Dull Skin - Hello Gorgeous!

Dull flaky, tired looking skin? If so, then a body treatment is just the thing to get your body in top condition. It's just as important to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate the skin on your body as it is the skin on your face. These exfoliation treatments are sublime and luxurious, leaving your body feeling deeply cleansed, replenished and softened to perfection. A body scrub treatment is a great way to help sluggish skin become tighter and brighter as dead skin cells are sloughed away aiding cell regeneration. Circulation is increased aiding the elimination of waste toxins and in turn the appearance of cellulite will be improved.

Body Treatments

Purifying Back Facial

£35.00 | 30min

Purifying Back Facial With Massage

£70.00 | 60min

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Back Sugar Scrub

£15.00 | 15min

Back Scrub With Massage

£50.00 | 45min

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Full Body Sugar Scrub

£35.00 | 30min

Full Body Scrub With Massage 

£90.00 | 90min

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