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Eco-Friendly Innovation

We Value Your Beauty Needs & The Planets!

At Rowan Retreat creating an eco-friendly environment is of great importance to us, being a green, clean, cruelty free and ethical salon are at the core of our ethos. That shows up not only in the level of care we provide for our clients but also in our dedication to creating an eco- friendly innovation. We still have a long way to go but for now we are trying to create an ethical salon with sustainable choices and are continually looking at ways in which we can expand our current practices.


Our Aims:

 - Continually improve and reduce our environment impacts

 - Only work with suppliers who reflect our environmental ethos

 - Incorporate environmental factors into our business decisions


 - Favour more environmentally friendly products wherever possible

 - Reuse and recycle wherever we can


 - Minimise the use of plastic, but where plastic is needed i.e PPE to work in relation with Eko Bricks and Green Box Recycling to take personal responsibility for our plastics and waste

Cleaning & Washing

 - Use cleaning materials that are as environmentally friendly as possible

 - Use an eco-friendly washing machine and eco-friendly washing powder

 - Use biodegradable bin liners


 - All of our lights are LED, which are more energy efficient

 - We use cotton stemmed cotton buds and environmentally friendly couch roll

 - Our marketing material including gift vouchers are all made from recycled paper stock

 - When painting our beautiful cabin, we painted our walls with eco-friendly based paint

 - We do not offer magazines

We are now looking at using a landfill company such as green box recycling. This will mean that everything that we put into our bins will get re-used. None of the rubbish will go to landfill making us 100% landfill free!

Our industry has a large carbon footprint, so we have a duty to do our bit for the environment and our planet...

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