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Keep Your Skin Glowing!

Following pre and post-care instructions for dermaplaning is crucial for best results and to prevent adverse reactions. Pre-care prepares your skin by avoiding certain products and disclosing medical conditions. Post-care soothes and protects skin with soothing products and sun avoidance. Adhering to these guidelines minimises risks and promotes healing and results.

Dermaplaning Pre & Post Care



* Stop Retin A products for 5 days before your appointment.

* Avoid laser treatments 4 weeks before treatment.

* If you are having any type of chemical peel close to your dermaplaning, can you please advise me of this. There are so many different brands of peels and strengths on the market, I can give you a specific timescale to wait before or after your dermaplaning treatment.

* No waxing for 7 days prior.

* Discontinue any manual exfoliation 7 days prior to dermaplaning. Over exfoliation can cause acne breakouts, hyper/hypo pigmentation redness and dry skin.


* Avoid direct sun exposure for 5-7 days prior to treatment. Have you ever shaved over sunburn? Imagine doing so with a blade that's significantly sharper than an at-home razor. Ouch! enough said!

* If you are wanting to schedule a botox treatment near to your dermaplaning treatment, do not book this prior to your dermaplaning. This can be done immediately after.


* Please inform me if you are pregnant or nursing.


* There is no downtime after dermaplan so you may continue with your everyday activities.

* You can wear make-up immediately afterwards. However I would advise to wait 24hrs to gain maximum benefit from the treatment.

* Please ensure you wear a SPF. Dermaplan will remove the top layer of your dead skin, which will make your skin more sensitive to the sun. Wearing SPF every day is the best aftercare and skincare advise I can give to anyone.

* Avoid heat treatments (sauna, sunbeds, steam room etc) for the next 24hrs. Your skin may be more prone to irritation directly after dermaplan than it normally would be. Sweating can further increase irritation.

* Whilst you will have amazing instant results, following a good skincare routine for your skin type will give better long-lasting results following your treatment.  This is because by removing the top layer of dead skin and vellus hair, you are allowing your skin to increase the amount it can absorb from topically applied products, making them much more effective.

* You can have another dermaplaning treatment no sooner than 3 weeks.


* You do not require a course of dermaplaning treatments therefore one treatment will still give you amazing results. However, if you are following a good skincare routine then a course of 4-6 treatments is recommended or regular monthly treatments would be great for your skin.     

* We know that you will want to be the only hairless one amongst your friends, but please share the love girls and let them have skin envy too! In doing so you can receive £5 off your next treatment and they can receive £5 off their first treatment too!

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