Hair Today...Gone Tomorrow!

Do you get that dreaded feeling of going into a salon and having to bare your hairy legs or overgrown bikini line? Have you ever felt yourself apologising profusely to the therapist because you've worn your grottiest non-matching underwear? Or you have armpits that look like you have Don King in a headlock. We appreciate that It's not the most exhilarating experience. 


So that's why we offer a non-intimidating approach to waxing. We are not fazed by any of the above. The only thing that we worry about is providing you with the best service and the only thing you need to worry about is which areas you would like waxed!

We have trained with one of the leading experts in the waxing industry - the famous 'Kim Lawless' and are honoured that we have been taught her waxing secrets! So, you know that you can ask me for anything from a full Hollywood to a basic bikini wax with complete confidence that you will be getting the treatment you require! 


Waxing is the longest lasting semi-permanent hair removal technique for both men and women. We use a warm wax portable roller system, which is safe and hygienic to use and we use the famous Kim Lawless Cockney Rebel Wax for all of our hot wax treatments.

So what are you waiting for? let's get you feeling silky smooth, hair free and totally liberated!


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Basic Instinct - No need to keep those legs crossed!

WARM | £10.00     HOT | £10.00

eradicates any hair attempting to peek out of the knicker line in the crease of leg

Martini Glass - Get him ordering a double!

WARM | £20.00     HOT | £20.00

Hairs removed from either side in a triangle formation going narrow at the bottom- the top of the pubic hair is also perfected

Brazilian Mohawk - A hair raising experience!

WARM | n/a     HOT | £38.00   

A strip of hair on the pubic mound down over the labia and tapers in narrow as it reaches the butt - butt crack included if required


Hollywood - Dare To Bare - Hair free

WARM | n/a     HOT | £38.00

Whats there to say? All hair is totally removed from the front & includes butt crack wax if required

Hollywood -  Dubai - Totally Hair free

WARM | n/a     HOT | £42.00

All hair is totally removed from the front & includes butt crack & full buttock wax

(warm wax may be used on fine hair on buttocks)


Australian - Lets go down under!

WARM | n/a     HOT | £16.00

The butt crack wax...Oh yes those short and curly's get everywhere...all hair will be waxed between the butt cheeks... This will make you feel totally liberated!


Dubai - Smooth those cheeks!

WARM | £16.00     

All butt cheek hair is removed

Australian & Dubai - Smooth the groove!

WARM & HOT | £30.00

Both the butt crack hair & the bum cheek hair will be totally removed, oh so smooth!

(both hot and warm wax will be used)

£5 off your first visit



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