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Glow On: Keep Your Facial Radiance Beaming!

We totally get why facials are considered to be a regular complexion maintenance. It's kind of like cars having a service but for our faces! Regular facials help to combat stress and the environmental and guilty habits that take toll on our skin. As much as facials are amazing to get that fresh, dewy glow and give you some me-time. There are a few things that you need to consider. At Rowan Retreat we believe that proper skin care is a necessity. The skin is very delicate and especially vulnerable to damage. Therefore, facials are wonderful treatments to keep your skin in optimum condition. So, we will waste no time with overblown miracle promises or 100% cures but what we will share with you is how looking after your skin will get real results every time. So please ensure that you follow the aftercare advice provided to get the maximum benefit from your treatment.

Facial Aftercare

Picking at your skin is a total sin!

Though it’s tempting to pop every tiny black or whitehead that rears its ugly face on yours, you need to keep your hands off, if you want beautiful skin. It can cause irritation and potential scarring. Avoid touching the skin after a facial and dirt and bacteria can transfer from   your hands and cause breakouts!

* Wake up to no make-up!

It's inevitable that if you are looking a little red or bare after a facial you will want to slap on the make-up to cover up. This is the worst thing  you could do as your facial provides such a deep cleanse, it’s advisable to give your skin a break from makeup and heavy products for at least 24 hours. Your pores are open more so than normal and, therefore, susceptible to more bacteria. Make sure you give your make-up brushes a good scrub too girls to avoid post-facial breakouts and don't forget to remove make-up before bed.

* Avoid heat after your facial treat!

Stay away from direct sunlight/sunbeds and heat e.g. saunas for 24 hours. You might think the sun is great for you face and gives you that skin-essential vitamin D. However, following a facial, you must make a conscious effort to stay out of the sun's harmful rays. As your skin will be extra sensitive at this time, exposing yourself to the sun will amplify its skin-damaging effects. Also make sure you use a good SPF sunscreen every day.

* Waters your mate so hydrate!

If you want to keep that glow girls, make sure you drink lots of water especially after a facial. Your body needs adequate water intake every day to prevent dehydration and flush out toxins, which results in a clearer, brighter complexion.

* It's great but don't over exfoliate!

Exfoliation will have already been done in your Rowan Retreat facial.  Over exfoliating will cause the skin to become sore and irritated so leave a few days before carrying out your home exfoliation treatment.

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