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Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Four Months & Counting!

Wowzers can you believe it has been four months since opening Rowan Retreat?! It's been a mad & wonderful journey already.

I never envisaged just how busy I would be, but I am ecstatic! I have met so many wonderful & amazing people on my short little journey & It humbles me to know that out of every salon you could have chosen you have chosen mine!

So never one to shy away from more work & as if I'm not busy enough I'm going to start a exciting!

Now I am so not a writer although many of my gorgeous clients will vouch for me when I say...I tell a good story lol! So this blog will be about my life, my beauty stories, new treatments, beauty trends & special offers.

Please feel free to comment, share, like & tell me to shut up if I get boring & waffle on!

Wow my first blog woohoo!...Here's to many more & many more years of treating you wonderfully scrumptious client's!

Much Love Nat x

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