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So for those that have never had waxing before what should you expect?

the hair grows in three stages

  1. Anagen = Active

  2. Catagen = Transition

  3. Telogen = Resting

Educating yourself before your first waxing appointment is really important. I you have had your first wax with me and then you find that you have some prickles soon after...this isnt the fact I have left hair its due to the stage the hair is growing under the surface of the skin.

Hair grows in stages, usually the hair growth stage for any hair is 4-6 weeks however genetics and hormones can affect this cycle making the growth cycle shorter or longer.

The aim of waxing is to remove the hair from the root cause during the Active (Anagen) stage, this will mean the hair would need to regenerate completely, therefore meaning you will have no hair growth for a longer period of time.

If you come for your first waxing appointment having used other forms of hair removal such as shaving, it is safe to assume that not all of your hairs will be in this active growing stage. The hairs may be in the catagen (Transition) stage or even the Telegon (resting) what would this mean for you?...

So for example if you only got your legs waxed before your holiday and outside of this you shave. Waxing will only remove the hair that is growing above the skins suface, what it wont do is remove the hair that is sitting under the skins surface, so you need to expect that those hairs under the surface of the skin will grow out quicker than the 4-6 week period we usually state.

Waxing will not create smooth hair free skin in one session, this takes at least 4 sessions of waxing to allow the hair to all grow through at the same rate!

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