A Beautiful Bump and a Beautiful You


CONGRATULATIONS MUMMY TO BE! Finding out you are pregnant is magical, surreal and life changing, but it can also be a bit of a crazy roller-coaster where our hormones can go a bit haywire. Your body is exerting as much energy as it would if you were climbing mount Everest, you may get morning sickness, afternoon sickness and even evening sickness! You’ll start having aches and pains in strange areas and discover you have hurt muscles where you didn’t even know you owned a muscle. You may be the proud owner of 'battle scars' also known as stretch marks! Your toes may have started to resemble cocktail sausages and your ankles swell sympathetically with your bump. But fear not ladies, you may be crying out for a tequila at this point and as much as you can't have one, keep faith there are some things that you can have to make you feel relaxed, help you to unwind and make you feel like you again! Our pregnancy treatments are designed to support you, and your body during this physically and mentally challenging period. 

Baby On Board Back Massage

30min | £30.00

This massage is nurturing and tranquil. It concentrates on your back so is ideal for those mama's to be that are experiencing particular discomfort in that area. This treatment is aimed at encouraging a feeling of relaxation but also to provide relief from tension.

Mama Bliss Full Body Massage

60min | £45.00

We know how important it is for a mama-to-be to take time out to relax before the birth. During pregnancy your body will undergo many changes, which can cause aches, pains and physical and emotional stresses. This sensitive and relaxing massage hydrates and nourishes the skin,which help to keep those stretch marks at bay. We lay you on your side to avoid compression to the tummy and you will be supported with pillows and cosy blankets that will help you to feel relaxed and send you into a state of oblivion and making you one blissed out mamma to be


Soothe Your Sole

30min | £25.00

This is a wonderful treatment to bring relief to your tired legs and feet. Your lower legs and feet are treated to a sublime exfoliation treatment to aid dry skin and circulation. An oil and salt scrub is used and then removed with hot towels. A leg and foot massage will follow and complete the treatment helping to balance water retention, provide relief from swelling and heaviness, stimulate lymphatic flow and wake up and energise. So put your feet up and we will do the rest!


Mummy Me Time

90min | £60.00

After nine long months of carrying your growing bump Congratulations baby is finally here! and I'm sure you will feel like you need a bit of mothering too. So why not take advantage of one of these money saving pampering packages that will leave you feeling relaxed, preened and wanting more!

30min Head in the Clouds £25.00

30min Back massage £30.00

30min Hot Oil Manicure £14.00

Mummy Make Over

135min | £54.00

There is little time to spoil yourself after you have had a baby. Yet this is the time when you probably need it most, as an antidote to the sleep deprivation and sheer relentlessness that being a mummy can bring. This package is designed to offer you the much needed TLC that you deserve whilst helping you to feel like you again!

15min Brow Wax £8.00

30min Brow & Lash Tint £18.00

30min Express Dry Pedi £18.00

60min Shellac Nails £20.00

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