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Keeping You & Your Bump Safe

What is pregnancy massage?

Massage in pregnancy is a wonderful experience, it aids in relaxation and supports the body through a period of physiological change. It can assist in preparing the body for birth and help to re-balance it. Pregnancy massage is very similar to a normal massage, the main difference being that massage techniques used in pregnancy are adapted to maintain the wellbeing of both mummy and baby. Techniques vary from firmer massages to relieve discomfort, or softer massages to help relax the new mummy to be. 


Is pregnancy massage safe?

In most cases massage can be received safely from 14 weeks. However, there are some circumstances where massage would not be appropriate. If you have been diagnosed with a high-risk pregnancy caution must be exercised, and you must have medical consent from either your GP or Midwife prior to any massage being undertaken. 


The following conditions are deemed as high-risk pregnancy:

  • Hypertension

  • Renal Disease

  • Respiratory Disease

  • Cardiac Disease

  • Infections

  • Drug Misuse

  • Obesity

  • Haemoglobinopathy

  • Placenta Praevia

  • Foetal Growth Restriction

  • Gestational Diabetes

There are several other factors that could contraindicate your treatment:

  • Morning sickness/nausea

  • Heavy vaginal discharge

  • High blood pressure

  • Pre-eclampsia

  • High temperature

  • Abdominal pain

  • Diabetes

  • Contagious illness

What are the benefits?

Pregnancy can put a considerable amount of strain on the body, massage therefore can help to alleviate some of the aches and stresses experienced during this time. It's an important time to relax and prepare for baby's arrival and a massage can provide that much need relaxation for mummy to be. Massage can also have an indirect relaxing effect on your growing baby. During prenatal massage, your body releases oxytocin and prolactin as a result of skin stimulation. So as mummy relaxes, baby relaxes and the more relaxed the birth will be. Mummy will benefit from improved sleep quality and relief from aching muscle and joint pains. Massage will also help you to have a new sense of rejuvenated energy.

What happens?

A thorough consultation will be carried out by our therapist who is qualified and insured to ensure it is safe for you to go ahead with the treatment. You will then undress and lay on the massage bed in a side position to make sure there is no compression to the tummy. You will be supported with pillows and have soft blankets to snuggle in to. 


We hope that you have enjoyed your massage and ask you to relax as much as possible following the treatment to really benefit. Please ensure that you stay well hydrated.

You may occasionally feel some after-effects of your treatment and these can include:

  • Tiredness - this is due to the release of toxins and the energy the body is using up to heal itself, but is perfectly normal

  • An increase in urination is possible as your circulatory and lymphatic systems have been stimulated

  • You may suffer a headache, which may be a result of simulation of nerve fibres during the massage or dehydration if you don’t drink enough after your treatment

  • You may experience muscular aches in the areas the treatment has focused on

  • You may experience heightened emotions due to the release of tension

  • It is advisable not to consume heavy meals after a massage due to any increases in circulation which may occur. Avoid caffeine for the duration of the day if possible

You know your body better than anyone, therefore if you do feel out of sorts please don’t worry; this should pass within 24-48 hours. However, if you feel any unusual symptoms, abdominal or back pain or have any other symptoms that are concerning you then please do contact your midwife, GP or primary healthcare provider straight away. Listen to your baby and your body.​

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