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Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Cleansing is one of the most important things you can do for your skin (as well as wearing SPF daily) but no one ever really focuses on how to wash their face. Working in the beauty industry I know how undervalued cleaning your face really is.

It makes me cringe when people tell me they use facial wipes to remove their make up and clean their face....Girls wipes are great for fannies at festivals but not your face!

Flannels are great for getting your skin clean as long as you use a fresh one everyday...I mean thats what we used as kids although im sure we didnt wash them everyday!...I so remember my mum throwing my head back and rubbing that flannel all over my face so I was left gasping for breath...yep bet you remember that too...that was when she wasnt spitting on a tissue and wiping my face...How things have changed ay wouldnt find anyone doing that now in the current pandemic situation!

But now we have something even better....THE SKIN GEEK CLEANSING MITTS!

These are double sided mitts for the perfect deep cleansing routine.

Contains 7 x Cleansing Mitts + Laundry Bag.

A great skin routine starts with the cleanse!


Use the soft side for eye makeup removal, and/or on sensitive skin. Use the textured side for a thorough cleanse with your chosen cleanser. Soak in warm water before use and slot your 4 fingers inside.

Use 1 mitt every day/night and wash your 7 mitts every week in the laundry bag to ensure a hygienic cleanse every single day!

Material: Soft side 100% Microfibre. Textured side 100% Polyester. Laundry bag 100% Microfibre. Ribbon 100% Polyester


Do not bleach or tumble dry. Machine wash at 40 degrees and let air dry.

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